Monday, September 7, 2009

Shyt Happens

What do you do when your adorable skinny boyfriend jokingly says to another friend of yours that your kinda fat? Do you break down and cry? Push him through on coming traffic? Or do you just ignore his comment and continue sliding on with life? I apparently just kept on sliding through life, believe it or not. I guess I was in total disbelief of the situation. I mean, just 5 minutes ago we were holding hands and kissing, saying how much we loved each other and then this happens. Like WTF dude.

1. You never tell your girlfriend she is fat.
2. You never try and deny the fact that you said anything seeing as she was right next to you!
3. You don't ask her after 10 minutes if she is okay and starts rubbing her arm to try and comfort her as if it wasn't you who said the unspeakable.

Now gentlemen who read my blog, I know that when you have other people around you, you tend to be a little more "macho man" so to speak but your girlfriend notices it all. I mean there are just a few things you should not say to your special someone. Men can be so insensitive, what ever happened to accepting someone for who they are on the inside not what is on the outside. Did he ever hear of guts before glory? or something like that. The point I am trying to express is that in my generation men seem to skip the level headedness zoom past the mature and stable level and stop at the image is everything station. I thought that beauty before brains was so 2002, then why does he come out with such none sense. It does not make it better that I am still stuck on it, I guess it touched on some heavy topics, or maybe it just adds on to my Barbie mom who just loves to touch on the fat topic now that she is a pound away from vanishing.

I deal with my incredible mother everyday, she always points out how fat I am and doesn't stop asking if I did exercise or if I took the diet pills. Like jeez woman get a life.. a hobby... SOMETHING! I feel like just sticking her head in a oversized bucket of fat but that wouldn't help the situation much seeing as she might just attack me after words and then I would fear for my life. Isn't all that sweet when you live with her now is it?

Question: Does anyone seem to have this type of problem? Mothers becoming sexier than their kids and then tormenting their own children to become the spitting image of them? Or has your mom or dad ever done something like my situation. If so please share! ^-^

Furthermore, I believe that I am fairly pretty and very outgoing. My other two sisters are far prettier than me but I never complain... even though I am not THAT religious I believe in this quote " God give it and God can take it away," or something like that. =]

BTW: Princey says hi and because of my mom trying to improve everyone's health in the household she even has Princey fasting...or atleast I think she does. He doesn't want to eat his food anymore and neither does Mimi.. is this a problem? Barbie has tried everything, she goes to the pet store and buys nutrients to give them appetite and nothing. Anyone have any suggestions? Comments? Advice? Feedback? Please share =]!!



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