Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back on track!

I have returned to civilization at last! I have been gone but hopefully not forgotten. I feel like I have disowned my blog, I can't believe it has been more than a month since I have last posted. I know all you readers have been upset by my sudden disappearance...(hence the sarcasm) but I can truly say I have been in agony. Maybe it is just me but I felt as if I was letting down a lot of people especially myself. I originally created a blog to occupy myself and share many of my ramblings. My inital thought was to write a post everyday and one day hopefully, my blog would become successful and I would have atleast 50 readers. I know, I know it's a small goal but then again I have not accomplished it yet. In my not so perfect world I have trouble expressing myself and many of my friends don't get me. It is also incredible how I have a mother who inspires to be a barbie... Skinny waste and all. That's issue is for a later post. I feel like I am destined for greatness. How many of you have repeated those exact words but it's true. Even though I am in college and have no clue what I want to do in life I know that what ever I will pursue in life will define me as a person amongst society. Life has given me so many loops, situations, and most of all experience. I might be going off topic will my ramblings that don't make sense and this is why I need advice from readers like you. I am just a student trying to get by even with a mother who critizes every little hair. A father who would rather volunteer for politics then get a stable job to pay the bills in this over prices country! Although I have many more issues to make aware of I promise not to bore you and if that were to happen please write a letter to my secretary, my dog Princey.Last thought of this post, I promise to attempt to write everyday and be as entertaining as possible even though it is not a guarantee :) princey says goodbye and woof woof! :) till next time... Which hopefully that means tomorrow.


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