Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Hello everyone! It has been a minute I know but I had writer's block for a while. Don't think I never got on Blog Spot to try and write I did, but all that I kept on doing was staring at a blank screen thinking of what to say that would catch your attention. Let's just say that I am still working on that and I have decided to ramble. Rambling is better then not saying anything at all in my opinion. At least people will think your crazy instead of mute... (j.k). Although various events have occurred since the last time I wrote about my weird dreams and complaining about my Twin Sister, I still can't seem to jot it down on paper. Maybe if I type them here as 1 sentence it will help me turn them into posts for all you wonderful readers.

Future Posts:

* Trip to Johnson and Wales University... No I never met the King
* Eating Doritos from another country.. "For Test Purposes Only"
* Never call a Doctor an Old Man while he is the friend of the Doctor who is in front of you
* Roommate Hygiene
* Twin Sister arguments and many more.

Now I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! I Hope everyone is being safe and are enjoying their day. Too bad I am stuck at home with an eye infection while my Twin sister is in Boston living the Vida Loca! My boyfriend is with his parents at Nyack upstate and I am home doing absolutely nothing.. sadness I know. Till the next post... =]


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