Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mood Swings and Men

Mood swings are a pain in the ass.. don't know when it's coming or how you will defend yourself but you could never be to prepared for the worst. Especially when females have their periods... they tend to be like vultures.. ready to attack anything that stands 2 feet away from them. At least that is how I am... does that make me weird? I am the type of person who will give you a hefty attitude. The "Don't fuck with me face" always seems to appear when doing absolutely nothing. I am like a criminal and the audience are my victims.. please don't fuck with me when I am on my period. I will belittle you and not even feel guilty, scream at you until your ears start to bleed, eat until I feel like an obese person( no pun intended), cry at various times of day by staring at a concrete wall. Is it just me? When I become this other "woman" I feel the sudden urge to cause mayhem but then upon reflection I feel like a monster. HmM.. now I know how Dr. Jekyll and Mr. hide felt. The reason I am posting a blog about periods is because due to my "gift" as a woman I am now friendless. FUCKING PERIODS!! PSHhH.. I have insulted my family and my friends.. including my dogs. Hey, at least they know I still love them... or not. This question goes out to all the females... How do YOU deal with your Mother Flow?


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