Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ICE AGE 3: Dawn of he Dinosaurs Review

Ice Age 3 Poster

In "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," we see Scrat who is still obsessed with acorns. Scrat finds the love of his life while being awkward and chasing this acorn which has taken over his life. No matter how hard Scrat tries to obtain the acorn its more the thrill of the chase that inspires the audience to laugh at his bad luck. Manny and Ellie are having their first born child, as any unexpierenced parent might feel; Manny wants everything to be a safe haven for his beloved new born. Sid on the other hand is urging to become a parent as well, in doing this he takes three baby Dinosaurs and falls into the role of "Momma." In being Sid, he gets himself kidnapped due to the stolen Dinosaur babies and thus leads the gang into a pre-historic adventure where they meet relentless, one-eyed weasel named Buck "...short for Buckminster."As well as, partake in an incredible journey which end with a close nit family hat can endure anything and everything. Overall, this movie was not 3-D at all so for anyone who still has not seen it just watch it on the regular screen and don't waste your money. There are a few parts which are hilarious but kids would enjoy it more in my opinion.

Rating: 6.5


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