Monday, September 14, 2009

Embarrasing Pre Anniversary story

It has come to my attention that as one day passes and another begins, I am getting clumsier by the second. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself " Wow I have not fallen on my face in years... doing good (insert name here), doing good." I think I might have jinxed myself, someone might have heard me and with the information attained that person decided to cast a spell on me. All I know is that after all these years I was always the one to never have an embarrassing moment. Other then the time when I was 7 years old, I was in the pool.. my father had taken me to New Jersey to spend time with his friends family. I had on this stripped blue and green two piece. (Even though I was fat and plump and a prune).
My hair was all out,overall I was looking like a sexy bon-a-fide mermaid when suddenly some boy points at my nunga nunga's and just stands there staring. Me being a 7 year old flirtatious, innocent child I decided to catch more of his attention and I started to pretend. I pretended I knew how to swim and when I rose back up and pulled my hair back my top had turned on me! Literally turned on me, as in my nunga nunga's decided to come out and play. The boy was so terrified that he left to where his family members were.

I on the other hand had no clue as to why the cute boy ran away. As soon as I started to question the boy's odd behavior some lady came up to me and said " Fix your bathing suit your letting the girls out." As soon as she said this I looked down to my chest and saw that in fact the girls did come out to play. What an embarrassment. The end result: I strapped my bathing suit on tight and got a towel. From that day forward I decided never to wear the green and blue neon bathing suit again.

And that my friends is my embarrassing story, although it was not the one I wanted to blog about. This other embarrassing story occurred yesterday, the day after me and my Honey bunches of oats celebrated our 7 month anniversary. ( Yea I know big commitment.. don't know what I am getting myself into to but * crosses fingers* I hope all goes well.) Anyways, yesterday I did not think that my Honey Bunches of Oats was coming so I kind of looked nice for no reason, well not really; I just wanted to feel good. I am going to move forward with the story and continue from when we were in the living room couch. I had gone to the kitchen to take back the plates from the dinner we had just ate. He is already in the couch and I am making my way towards the living room. Before I continue let me just point out that we have like a safety thing, it's used for babies so they wont go down some stairs or whatever the case maybe. We have one of those for Princey and Mimi my two adorable dogs. So as I go into the living room, my left foot trips on the tip of the baby incident preventor and BOOM! There I go. Falling like the giant from Jack and the beanstalk. It was incredible.

After all those years, yesterday was the day that I had to fall, fall right in front of my Honey Bunches of Oats. The funny thing was that as I was falling my eyes immediately zoomed into his facial expression as if to tell him to save me before I fall. But unfortunately he just starred as I kept on falling down. I though that I had made the loudest noise in the world, louder than an earthquake, a siren, a firetruck, a gun shot. Now you might be wondering what happens next, well I just stood on the floor saying to my self " I hope that when I close my eyes he is not here, please who ever is up there do me that favor. Ahh.. who am I kidding, he is there and he is about to laugh in 5...4...3.....2...1.

* Blank stares* and then the laughter begins. All I wanted to do was pretend nothing happened but it was so hard when your boyfriend is laughing at the fact that you just ate the floor. Needless to say he wanted to help me up but I wouldn't let him. Now that would be a day I will never forget and to add on to the fact that I fell on my face, I now have bruises and bumps to add more ump to this story. Hopefully I can be careful from now on.

Whats your story? Has this happened to you?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Shyt Happens

What do you do when your adorable skinny boyfriend jokingly says to another friend of yours that your kinda fat? Do you break down and cry? Push him through on coming traffic? Or do you just ignore his comment and continue sliding on with life? I apparently just kept on sliding through life, believe it or not. I guess I was in total disbelief of the situation. I mean, just 5 minutes ago we were holding hands and kissing, saying how much we loved each other and then this happens. Like WTF dude.

1. You never tell your girlfriend she is fat.
2. You never try and deny the fact that you said anything seeing as she was right next to you!
3. You don't ask her after 10 minutes if she is okay and starts rubbing her arm to try and comfort her as if it wasn't you who said the unspeakable.

Now gentlemen who read my blog, I know that when you have other people around you, you tend to be a little more "macho man" so to speak but your girlfriend notices it all. I mean there are just a few things you should not say to your special someone. Men can be so insensitive, what ever happened to accepting someone for who they are on the inside not what is on the outside. Did he ever hear of guts before glory? or something like that. The point I am trying to express is that in my generation men seem to skip the level headedness zoom past the mature and stable level and stop at the image is everything station. I thought that beauty before brains was so 2002, then why does he come out with such none sense. It does not make it better that I am still stuck on it, I guess it touched on some heavy topics, or maybe it just adds on to my Barbie mom who just loves to touch on the fat topic now that she is a pound away from vanishing.

I deal with my incredible mother everyday, she always points out how fat I am and doesn't stop asking if I did exercise or if I took the diet pills. Like jeez woman get a life.. a hobby... SOMETHING! I feel like just sticking her head in a oversized bucket of fat but that wouldn't help the situation much seeing as she might just attack me after words and then I would fear for my life. Isn't all that sweet when you live with her now is it?

Question: Does anyone seem to have this type of problem? Mothers becoming sexier than their kids and then tormenting their own children to become the spitting image of them? Or has your mom or dad ever done something like my situation. If so please share! ^-^

Furthermore, I believe that I am fairly pretty and very outgoing. My other two sisters are far prettier than me but I never complain... even though I am not THAT religious I believe in this quote " God give it and God can take it away," or something like that. =]

BTW: Princey says hi and because of my mom trying to improve everyone's health in the household she even has Princey fasting...or atleast I think she does. He doesn't want to eat his food anymore and neither does Mimi.. is this a problem? Barbie has tried everything, she goes to the pet store and buys nutrients to give them appetite and nothing. Anyone have any suggestions? Comments? Advice? Feedback? Please share =]!!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back on track!

I have returned to civilization at last! I have been gone but hopefully not forgotten. I feel like I have disowned my blog, I can't believe it has been more than a month since I have last posted. I know all you readers have been upset by my sudden disappearance...(hence the sarcasm) but I can truly say I have been in agony. Maybe it is just me but I felt as if I was letting down a lot of people especially myself. I originally created a blog to occupy myself and share many of my ramblings. My inital thought was to write a post everyday and one day hopefully, my blog would become successful and I would have atleast 50 readers. I know, I know it's a small goal but then again I have not accomplished it yet. In my not so perfect world I have trouble expressing myself and many of my friends don't get me. It is also incredible how I have a mother who inspires to be a barbie... Skinny waste and all. That's issue is for a later post. I feel like I am destined for greatness. How many of you have repeated those exact words but it's true. Even though I am in college and have no clue what I want to do in life I know that what ever I will pursue in life will define me as a person amongst society. Life has given me so many loops, situations, and most of all experience. I might be going off topic will my ramblings that don't make sense and this is why I need advice from readers like you. I am just a student trying to get by even with a mother who critizes every little hair. A father who would rather volunteer for politics then get a stable job to pay the bills in this over prices country! Although I have many more issues to make aware of I promise not to bore you and if that were to happen please write a letter to my secretary, my dog Princey.Last thought of this post, I promise to attempt to write everyday and be as entertaining as possible even though it is not a guarantee :) princey says goodbye and woof woof! :) till next time... Which hopefully that means tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ICE AGE 3: Dawn of he Dinosaurs Review

Ice Age 3 Poster

In "Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," we see Scrat who is still obsessed with acorns. Scrat finds the love of his life while being awkward and chasing this acorn which has taken over his life. No matter how hard Scrat tries to obtain the acorn its more the thrill of the chase that inspires the audience to laugh at his bad luck. Manny and Ellie are having their first born child, as any unexpierenced parent might feel; Manny wants everything to be a safe haven for his beloved new born. Sid on the other hand is urging to become a parent as well, in doing this he takes three baby Dinosaurs and falls into the role of "Momma." In being Sid, he gets himself kidnapped due to the stolen Dinosaur babies and thus leads the gang into a pre-historic adventure where they meet relentless, one-eyed weasel named Buck "...short for Buckminster."As well as, partake in an incredible journey which end with a close nit family hat can endure anything and everything. Overall, this movie was not 3-D at all so for anyone who still has not seen it just watch it on the regular screen and don't waste your money. There are a few parts which are hilarious but kids would enjoy it more in my opinion.

Rating: 6.5

Monday, July 6, 2009

Little Monsters

Today was my first day in being a camp counselor.. Oh the agony! Although I love children, they are tiring at times. Especially when they all decide to use the bathroom every second of their breathing lives. Those sweet.. innocent.. not a care in the world... who love to make me pull my hair out...devils. But hey we need them to become better people.. or so many tell me. Guess what they decided to do today.. they wanted to name me 14.. yes a NUMBER. -_-. Don't ask why.. oh right it was because I look 14.. -_-. Exactly. Then they came up with one better... PIKACHU!!!! Yes the fucking rat that shoots electricity from it's cheeks when it gets excited! Kids do say the darnedest things. Overall.. it wasn't a bad first day unless you call.. almost arriving late because your boyfriend who also works with you is busy spiking up his hair trying to look like a Papi Chulo for god knows who... the kids... yeah tell it to someone who does not know the purpose. I'm just glad I am home in my safe haven where I don't have to hear children screaming and telling me to use the bathroom every second. The only good thing that came out of being patient today was that I got praised by my fellow co-workers and my boss!! woo HOo yay me!. till the next post ^_^

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Movies 2009

Here are a list of movies that will hit screens for the rest of 2009:

1. Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince (July 15,2009)
2. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (July 17, 2009)
3. G-Force (July 24,2009)
4. The Ugly Truth (July 24,2009)
5. Aliens in the Attic (July 31,2009)
6. G.I Joe (August 7,2009)
7.District 9 (August 14,2009)
8. Spread (August 14,2009)
9. Time Traveler's Wife (August 14,2009)
10. Final Destination 4 (August 21,2009)
11. Inglourious Basterds ( August 21,2009)
12. Halloween 2 (August 28,2009)
13. Carriers ( September 4,2009)
14. Gamer (September 4,2009)
15. Pandorum (September 4,2009)
16. Shanghi (September 4,2009)
17. 9(September 9,2009)
18. Whiteout (September 11,2009)
19. Cloud with A chance Of Meatballs ( September 18,2009)
20. Invention of Lying ( September 25, 2009)
21. Surrogates (September 25,2009)
22. Shutter Island (October 2,2009)
23. Couples Retreat (October 9,2009)
24. The Informant ( October 9,2009)
25. The Road (October 16,2009)
26. The Stepfather (October 16,2009)
27. Amelia ( October 23,2009)
28. Astro Boy (October 23,2009)
29. Saw 6 (October 23,2009)
30. The Box (October 30,2009)
31. Wolfman (November 6,2009)
32. 2012 (November 13,2009)
33. Planet 51 (November 20,2009)
34. Twilight 2: New Moon (Novemeber 20,2009)
35. Ninja Assasin (November 25,2009)
36. Old Dogs (November 25.2009)
37. The Other Man (December 3,2009)
38. Brothers (December 4,2009)
39. The Princess and The Frog (December 11,2009)
40. Agora (December 18,2009)
41. Avatar (December 18,2009)
42. Sherlock Holmes (December 25,2009)

SO many movies ahhh the joy! So Sit back and take out some popcorn! Enjoy the movies when they come =] Till the next post ^_^

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Hello everyone! It has been a minute I know but I had writer's block for a while. Don't think I never got on Blog Spot to try and write I did, but all that I kept on doing was staring at a blank screen thinking of what to say that would catch your attention. Let's just say that I am still working on that and I have decided to ramble. Rambling is better then not saying anything at all in my opinion. At least people will think your crazy instead of mute... (j.k). Although various events have occurred since the last time I wrote about my weird dreams and complaining about my Twin Sister, I still can't seem to jot it down on paper. Maybe if I type them here as 1 sentence it will help me turn them into posts for all you wonderful readers.

Future Posts:

* Trip to Johnson and Wales University... No I never met the King
* Eating Doritos from another country.. "For Test Purposes Only"
* Never call a Doctor an Old Man while he is the friend of the Doctor who is in front of you
* Roommate Hygiene
* Twin Sister arguments and many more.

Now I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July! I Hope everyone is being safe and are enjoying their day. Too bad I am stuck at home with an eye infection while my Twin sister is in Boston living the Vida Loca! My boyfriend is with his parents at Nyack upstate and I am home doing absolutely nothing.. sadness I know. Till the next post... =]

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