Friday, June 12, 2009

Decisions.. Decisions.. Decisions

Why is it that when I am satisfied with the decisions I make, when everything is going fine and I am preparing for the next step to a new journey.. someone always has to mess it up? Why does that person have to come and say something now.. out of all the times I spoke about it.. now is the time that they have a new opinion? Then again, in their eyes I can't get mad because they are trying to do what is best for me. Their opinion of me is a failure without a concept. Why can't people just let me learn from my mistakes? How else am I able to grow as a person? Ugh, life can be so hard when people try to meddle into affairs. This is the same thing that occured last year with College stuff like "Back up Homie!". I feel like I am dying inside with everything that is left of me. Why do I have to be the one out of all people in the world to have a bad experience with College? Do I have to stay at home when I was the one who wanted to leave? Why do I have to sacrifice my education just to make my Twin sister happy with hers? Why is she the one to rain on my parade and not care... while my older sister has single handedly achieved what no one has. She has manipulated my mind and abused of my trust and that is why I am in the predicament that I am in. What happens now? After I vent and cry until no tears come out? What will happen to my future.. well the rest is still unwritten but I guess it is time to move on. Leave my dreams and aspirations standing in the door that was never opened.


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