Saturday, June 20, 2009

Partying and Heat Do Not Mix!

It has come to my attention that heat and partying do not mix. Now, I have recently discovered that I have a personal grudge against this unbearable heat which transforms into sweat which then leads to stickiness all over my body and a party on a Friday night. Why must you treat me this way oh Mr. Heat? Does it even matter that I took 2 1/2 hours to get ready for a party I didn't even want to go to? Or that I changed 500 times while at the same time painting my left toe because I have been lazy enough to not do it for the past week? How about the fact that my hair was not cooperating with me as usual. Don't you just hate it when that happens.. like when you have to go somewhere important and your hair has been fine the whole entire day so you leave it for last minute since it has cooperated but when the time comes it turns out that the hair you thought was going to cooperate was being a bitch to you. Yeah well that's exactly what happened. SO as I was apparently trying to come into terms with my not so nice hair my Twin sister and her friend were getting changed to go party. We left the house around 12am.. yes we were late... we WERE suppose to leave at 11:30pm but when you have more than 1 person involved in the celebrations things tend to get delayed. So we came across a few problems as usual:

A. We needed to take out money to pay for a cab but all the stores were closed!
B. We didn't take pictures before we left the house which would have been a smart idea since we knew we were going to look like a hot mess afterwards
C. We didn't exactly know where this place was to begin with we just have an address
D. The cab driver didn't know where the place was located

All of these problems occurred before the actual party believe it or not. So we finally got to our destination and I tell my Twin Sister to call her friend who is hosting the party.. apparently he does cannot understand what my sister is telling him so she closes because she " did not want to get mad" WT F DOOFUS We need to find where the fucking party is!!!! ...yeah she didn't care. So we get out of the cab and her friend spots us and guess who's name he decides to call in the middle of the street.... YEP you guessed it Mine. tsktsktsk! Out of the three other people in the cab with me he decides to call out my name... trust me I don't know why either and I didn't get mad over this but I was like DUDE WT F you literally screamed out my name and everyone looked. Although from time to time I do enjoy attention today was not the day.

When we approach the entrance to the "party scene," I immediately notice that the party was in the same place I hosted my party last year. Ugh I hated the place... plus is was known for the hickest people on the earth!

F.Y.I: For those of you who don't know what a hick is I will explain. Although there are many definitions for what a hick is. In my Hispanic culture a hick is described as someone who comes from a Hispanic country mainly from the Dominican Republic, these people are known as Dominican's. They tend to try and portray an American in the worst way. Their clothes are cheap and their English speaking is not up to par but then again they have the audacity to think they are better than most.

I dislike hicks because they are the most loudest Dominicans and their gangster language is nauseating. I did not know we were going to go to this type of party, let me remind you that I did not feel like partying tonight either way. So, as we are walking up the stairs we pay for the entrance which I thought it was $10 but somewhere along the night I find out it was $5. I GOT JIPPED FOR MY $5 DOLLARS.. INCREDIBLE!

I discovered that my long lost friend Goldita Supreme was at the same party with her posse. Yeah it was awkward because we have had our ups and downs and our friendship is crumbling but hey you win some and you lose some... you could only put so much effort into a relationship until you get tired of the effort your putting knowing that it's for no reason. I have learned that people do change and I have to learn to accept it.

While everyone was mingling, guys kept on coming up to me and my friends asking to dance...

A. I have a boyfriend
B. I did not want to party to begin with
C. The DJ was wack
D. There was no room
E. I was starting to get sweaty and sticky again

Hence the rejection was just waiting to happen... basically I just stood there the whole entire night and danced by myself... no guy was worthy of dancing with. Also, it was dark... who knew what they looked like with the lights on. Then as the disastrous night continued to get worse I started getting hot and sweaty and then the room started to stink like mustiness mixed with bad deodorant. The conclusion of this was that I wanted to leave.. I started to get irritated and was ready to punch someone in their face literally.. we finally left and called it a night... an early night that is.. but I still don't understand how time flew by seeing as I ended up going to sleep around 5 something in the morning and we got home around 2:10am. SMH! I blame it on me already getting old hence I am 19!! sad I know


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