Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stalker... Infections... Salty Nut?

Have you ever had that feeling that you were being watched? Every sudden move is being recorded through memory? As if you feel a presence just staring at you and the heat that arises with the terrible realization that yes this is happening to you!... You start to turn but stop yourself because the thought of knowing what in fact is looking at you or worse is behind you is too heart stopping to bare. You now have two options:

1. Start to pray.. yes right there in the middle of crying and wiping away liquid boogers that are flowing inches away from your mouth.


1a. After you finished your prayer which started something like this.. Are you there God.. It's me Stinky Stella... I know that the last time I spoke to you we had kind of a little disagreement but I swear I didn't steal the cookies from the cookie car!!!....

2. Be Brave: Start turning around slowly.. contemplate your next move before you do anything irrational like take whatever is closest to you, for example: a role of toilet paper that was sitting on your computer screen, and use it for defense. Now, you might be thinking what does any of this have to do with anything?

Well if you would give me time I would get to the point. ^_^.....So as I was thinking about what to write on my blog for today since I had a sudden case of writer's block. (It could be because of the migraine that came upon me all day or maybe because I was nauseous due to the migraine.) Either way my mind was on it's blank stage and then I felt IT... this abrupt heat come out of nowhere. I know that most people have experienced this either in the train when your sitting down and you get that feeling that someone is watching you or when your walking in an isolated park ( Why you would walk in an isolated park is beyond me). Well, apparently that was the feeling I got as I was sitting on my computer screen thinking of what I could write today for my blog post. It was this annoying feeling and me being me I look through my peripheral vision and due to this, I feel the pain even more. So I did what any other normal person would do I turned and put this face -_- and just stared back. Now, you might think that is quite daring of me seeing as you don't know what to expect when you turn and look but I am a risk taker and THAT my friends is what risk takers do. Lets get back to what I encountered, shall we? So I turned and looked and there she was my stupid twin sister in the bed looking at me for what reason? I don't know and this is what I said as I kept on staring at her like this 0_o

Me: WTF!!?? Why is your body heat feeling up on me? I felt you staring at me and thus distracted me from blogging.

TS: I don't know... I felt like staring at you.

Me: So basically you stopped illegally reading New Moon online to observe me as I was blogging?

TS: Now.. now my little Salty Nut..

Me: ::glares:: Whoa there Mad Eye Moody! Salty Nut? Are you that bored?

TS: ::Laughs:: Yo, I can not believe that they stopped giving the chapters for New Moon online!!!

Me: Well maybe if you stopped reading it illegally online and started to buy the books like every other person in the world who wants to continue the series then this wouldn't be happening to you!

TS: Salty Nut, we are in an economical crisis.. does my face look like it has the dollar bill painted on it! No I didn't think so.

Me: Well then... good luck... I'm blogging... go read some illegal online porn or something. Educate yourself.

::: 10 minutes later... TS returns to staring at me::::

Me: So your staring at me again why?

TS: What are you reading?

Me: I'm reading other people's blogs... blogs that are why don't you occupy yourself, do something useful.

TS: I am... I am staring at you. ^_^

Me: TS!!! Stop distracting me.

TS: Don't get your panties wrapped up in a bunch, your NOT that interesting to observe.

Me: Good.. now you will be ignored.. write me a post-it note or send me an email and when I am not busy I will respond.

Now you will think that, that was the end of it... but it wasn't. She kept on staring at me until she got bored. Then I started to observe her, she was talking to her laptop screen. I guess she was behaving in a retarded way (*No offense to the special people out there I don't mean it as an insult) because she has had an infection. Now before you think of some type of vaginal infection let me clarify. Apparently, TS has had an eye infection which has caused her right eye to appear swollen and allergic. I guess it is not contagious because I have not gotten. This is why I called her Mad Eye Moody in the above conversation. Now, it took me forever to write this post because since I attended to her needs the whole entire night I did not sleep a wink. Therefore, I went to sleep earlier and I came back with a clearer mind. So my fellow critics, I hope that my useful words of what to do is needed in the future. If any of you have experienced a similar situation where you have felt someone stare.. then do-tell. I do look forward to reading about situations and how you yourself have dealt with it.


RedCurlGirl said...

my sisters do that same shit to me all the time and the staring creeps me out!

they'll also steal chapters of books online because they refuse to pay for them. which is astounding. you can find any book on amazon for $4. even the new ones.

Anatomy Of A Perfect Stranger said...

exactly! It's amazing what you can find online these days, I totally agree. As far as my twin sister goes, she also does it to get on my nerves but what can you do? She's family so I have to put up with her you know.

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