Friday, June 5, 2009

Logical Tests Aren't So Logical

You see, I never saw it coming but the signs were there ofcourse. Today I had to take a test for a job, unfortunately I can't tell you the job because if I mention it then I might be discovered if by "mistake" my twin sister or someone else were to come across this blog. Ever since I was young I remember being a bad test takers. I would study hard and believe that I have the ability to pass it but I was proved otherwise. Coming from a family of failures and successes it wasn't that hard to be the "bad seed." My older sister was known for her smarts, she was a geek, member of the school band and skinny. My twin sister was the artist, took after my beloved father who loved to draw weird shapes which turned into masterpieces, I guess it rubbed off on her. And then there was me, a fat four-eyed chubby girl who loved to dance and read. Growing up I would always get the usual remarks from my mother " Why can't you be like your older sister?" At times I would just ignore the remarks but you see when your the "bad seed" of the family and your grades are poor compared to your two other sisters, you start to want to excel because those silly remarks start taking a toll, and it did. I tried to become better at my studies but my exam grades were always poor...till this day I still get bad grades on exams. I guess I just was not meant to be a test taker. Today's test in particular was not complex at all, matter of fact it was based on common sense. Now if you had some sort of vision problem then it would make sense that you would fail a logical test but I unfortunately had no excuse. The first part was was based on standard reading and answering questions. Then came the second part of the test, the "visual" part. I felt like I was in a game of I SPY or Where's Waldo. The tricky part was that they only gave you a few seconds for you to try and find the object. UgHh as you can imagine I failed this part. I think that the computer was laughing at me, it didn't even wait a week to give me the results seeing as when I got home I logged on to my email and BAM! There it was... an email of my failure. I felt as if I was back in High School, when I got my report card and nervously searched the paper to soon discover that I failed that class I worked so hard for. Overall, I am pissed off I failed such a simple test, does it even count that I strained my eyesight! I could have gone blind due to the light that my eyes consumed while being glued to the screen for nearly 2 hours!!! I think that I should write to Obama to see if he has some words of wisdom for the people who are overly intelligent. I think I have found the reason why I failed the logical test... I am too smart! Wala.. and that's the way the cookie crumbles!

P.S: For my ghost readers out there who I know won't be responding: Does anyone have this type of test taking problems? Any tips?

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