Monday, June 15, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

Is it weird to dislike your sister for her stupidities and her argumentative ways? For getting involved in your business and opinionating at the wrong times? Also, for embarrassing you in front of your boyfriend and making your life hell every time your in the room with her? I know everyone who reads this can all agree that they have been there more than once in their lifetime. Who knows, as your reading this AMAZING blog at this precise moment your brother or sister could be talking SHYT while your trying to get caught up in this blog. BOY Ol' BOY have I been there... everyday to be exact. Well this blog is dedicated to my TWIN SISTER who makes my life not so great... EVERYDAY!

____ things I hate about you:

1. The way you pretend to be a saint
2. When you try to act better then me.. WHAT HAPPENED TO EQUALITY??!!!
3. Pretending to be innocent
4. Blaming me for all of your mistakes
5. Your Hypocrisy
6. Your lies
7. Selfishness
8. Money hungry ways
9. SUNY Albany accent
10. When you make me sleep on the floor when your friends come to stay the night.
11. Greediness
12. When you scream for no reason then when I do it you get mad
13. Get mad for no reason
14. Curse and then complain about me cursing
15. Always complaining about your weight, chin, arms, etc...
16. Argue with me in front of your friends
17. Tattle Tale!
18. When you never clean!
19. Steal my underwear.. YUCK!
20. Insult me every chance you get

AhhHh.. I feel better =] Of course her being my twin sister and all I will forgive her sooner or later but I am mad at the moment. No, I am not a horrible sister but I hate feeling this way, hence the point of me writing in my blog =]! Till the next post!


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