Monday, June 8, 2009

PssT.. Shorty with the...

Don't you just hate it when your walking around with your guy friends or your boyfriend without a care in the world and you suddenly pass guys in the street. Obviously you don't care because you don't know them so you keep on walking, until one of the guys out of the bunch decides to be brave. Brave in the sense that he feels the need to go out of his way to be an ass and say " Psst." Like Whoa buddy slow YOUR role. It just gets me mad because that is disrespectful. Guys these days have no consideration for anything, they think that it's okay to be a dog in the streets and behave that way at all times. I just want to go over to them and punch them in their face but then again that wouldn't be lady like, and I could possibly worsen the situation. So what brings me to these violent thoughts? Well yesterday I was hanging out with my boyfriend, Twin sister, her friend, and her guy friend. We all got kind of hungry so we decided to walk to walk to Burger King and eat but Burger King didn't have food. Breathe it's okay!! I also was like huh??!!.. It's the recession I tell you.. even fast food places have lack of food these days. So any ways, we are all walking down the street and of course there are people everywhere because of the warm temperature today. I immediately spot these group of guys sitting on top of cars but I pay no mind because I thought to myself " They could not possibly say something if we are with guys.. right?"... WRONG! We had made it half way past them and then one of the outspoken ones said " Psst." My heart literally stopped because I was holding my boyfriend's hand and my twin sisters friends were also together so I didn't want the guys to get mad. Everyone knows how guys get when other dudes step in their territory or holler at girls they are with. So I just waited for my boyfriend to put his angry face like this -_- and say something that would lead to an altercation. But thankfully nothing happened.

Word of the wise for the fellas:: When guys are with their girls don't holler because..

A: she obviously doesn't know you or she would have stopped and said Hi

B: what type of person would go out with a guy who likes to holler in the street?

C: You look dumb because the girl will most likely not turn around

D: Your lucky if the guy that she is with just ignores you instead of approaching you.

So you see fellas if a girl doesn't want to date you when your normal and well behaved then don't go and act like a stupid-ass and holler at girls in the street. Come on! We are in 2009! nobody holler's anymore.. can't you see the nerds are getting the girls these days? Pretty people are isolating themselves with too many demands. Therefore get with the program... while I am on the subject, pick up your jeans! There is no need to have your jeans below your waist.. like wtf? nobody stops and stares anymore.. maybe if you have your jeans attached to you appropriately a girl could at least look at you and keep on walking. Hey it's an improvement. Any ways, I am done preaching but for my 3 critics... what do you think of this situation? What would you have done if you were with your boyfriend and some L.A.M.O decided to holler at you?


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